These Nexus 'Droids Are Good For Us

Last August I got an iPhone, mostly to see what the big deal was. I'm pretty sure I figured it out, and I'm still loving the device. It's long since moved from "my new toy" to "how did I get by without this thing?" But I'm not an Apple fanboy, and I can quickly point at things I don't like about the iPhone. This is why I think it's fantastic news when I see Google's recent announcement that they're putting out their own smartphone as a flagship for their Android OS. Is it an "iPhone killer?" No, of course not. It's another entry in a competitive marketplace, and it makes a really, really compelling case for itself. This is wonderful news for iPhone users because it dials up the pressure on Apple to improve the shortcomings of the current iPhones. 2010-01-05-TagonDroidKillerIt's also good news because it let me tell a joke for the Schlock Mercenary iPhone App subscribers. I try to do at least one of these a week. Once I've got a larger stable of images I may start doing them more often. (Note:  this post is in no way to be construed as an announcement, nor even a HINT at future direction for Schlock mobile apps. Right now my development partners and I are standing back and watching the market.)