Things, They Are Crazy Busy

I scripted, penciled, and inked two weeks of comics this week. We took delivery of 5,000 copies of Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist. I signed 1200 of them, and have sketched in around 150 of those. I took half a day off to see a movie and blog about it, but that's feeling more and more like "work" these days. Today is Saturday, and I do not get a day off. I need to throw some madly cool illustrations at the first ever XDM Dungeon Module, The Quest for the Tavern, which will debut at GenCon in just six weeks. Oh, and I probably ought to sketch another hundred books or so. By the way, Resident Mad Scientist is available at Dragon's Keep now, if you live in Utah. I'm too busy to try to coordinate an official "street date," so it's a staggered release, starting now. Your pre-orders will ship on July 12th, just as soon as I'm done putting pictures in the sketch editions. Gotta run. If there's no rest for the wicked, I must be a horrible, horrible person. Sandra? By that criteria, she qualifies as the Bride of Satan.