This Just In: Whooping Oink

If you follow my Twitter feed you may have seen my tweet about renaming Swine Flu to Hogthrax. My buddy Dave said that Hamthrax is a much better name, and I agree. Later my brother Randy pointed out that H1N1 sounds like something out of Star Wars. Do you want to defuse some of the hysteria surrounding this particular strain of Type A Influenza? Let's make fun of it with pig-related names. Here are a few I've collected, and a few I've contributed ...
  • Hamthrax
  • Hogthrax
  • Spamthrax
  • Tuporkulosis
  • Porklio
  • Cowpox oh wait that's real
  • Hogmumps
  • The Other Yellow Fever
  • Pigfluenza
  • Mad Sow Disease
  • Sowbola
  • Sowmonella
  • Spammonella
  • Bacon AIDS
  • Bacon Fever
  • Baconator oh wait that's at Wendy's
  • Whooping Oink
  • Oinking Pneumonia
  • Buboinking Pork
For you Star Wars fans: And the end-of-the-world scenarios for the epidemic?
  • The Aporkalypse
  • Hognarok
Yes,  I know that influenza kills tens of thousands of people annually. This is very sad. These people were not, however, killed by the name of this viral strain, which is what I'm actually mocking (unless I suggest that "Buboinking Pork" sounds more like how you caught the disease, which I would never do.) Join me. Let's hear your best names for an inappropriately pig-themed disease, and maybe our peals of laughter will make the world a happier and less hysteria-prone place.