More Prose From Me! Emerald Serpent 2!

I promised a while back that you'd get more prose from me in 2013. Well, one of those projects is Tales of the Emerald Serpent, Volume 2. I'm working with a team of consummate professionals, award-winning writers, and a brutal, cruft-bludgeoning editor with whom I have 35,000 words of prior experience (hello, Scott!) 

The project is ambitious, with more art, more words, and more stretch goals than last time. Scott and a smaller incarnation of this team delivered on the original Tales of the Emerald Serpent last year, a Kickstarter I supported, and whose rewards I have in hand. When Scott invited me to participate this time around, I sent him a skeleton of a story, and those bones are rising up and becoming a magic system that has some meat on it.

Totally not necromancy. TOTALLY.

Anyway, if you'd like to see fresh, independent prose from a great team of established, award-winning authors who are letting me play with them for a spell*, please support Tales of the Emerald Serpent V2 on Kickstarter

(*Note: puns like this will not appear in my actual contribution to the project.)