Triple Duty at Church

News from the Home Front
entry, Monday, June 20th, 2005

Lots to say today. I'll start with the bad news: As of this writing, the buffer is the lowest it's ever been, and it's been this low for the LONGEST it's ever been. Wednesday's strip is not done yet. Granted, I have every intention of seeing it through long before Tuesday comes around, and I have strips scripted and at least partially pencilled through the 26th. But I REALLY need to get to work this week.

That's what I get for taking a vacation, I guess. It was the same when I worked at Novell -- have a vacation, get punished for it when you come home. What can I say? This cartooning thing, it's a JOB. Fortunately, I love it.

Triple Duty at Church: I've just accepted a calling (that's Mormon jargon for "unpaid church job") as the local congregation's Financial Secretary. The sad, pathetic fact is that with my clean-shaven face (a requirement for another calling I recently accepted, and which I'll still be holding), I look the part of "timid church accountant." You might hear me complain a bit -- rest assured, I only do this in order to retain some shreds of my "rebel artist" street cred.

I said "Triple Duty." I'm still one of the Sunday School teachers for the grown-up classes. They're likely to release me from that duty fairly soon, though. You can't have your timid, clerky guy doubling as a pulpit-pounder, after all.

Movie Time: While the rest of the world was seeing Batman Begins, I went and saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. You know what? It was a LOT of fun. I don't know that it's necessarily a "must see in theaters" flick, but it was definitely a good time. Predictable? Yes. Unnecessarily violent? Certainly. Are Angelina Jolie's lips larger than a ripe Washington apple? Holy crap. The cartoonist in me was morbidly fascinated every time she was onscreen, and you can only imagine what close-ups must have been like. I mean, unless you saw the movie too, in which case you're probably shuddering right along with me.

As a happily married guy, I believe that the movie actually offered some reasonable insight into marriage. The lesson I took home: if you're both passionate about the same things, you'll be more passionate together. And from my own experience, I'm pretty sure it works even if your mutual passions are safe things, as opposed to (for instance) "killing people for money."

Monday around noon I have "Guys Lunchtime Out" with a fellow deadbeat work-at-home writer: we'll be seeing the 11:50 showing of Batman Begins at the Cinemark in Provo Towne Center. I have it on good authority that it's the best live-action Batman ever. Do not email me to disabuse me of this notion. That responsibility belongs to the film itself.

As always, those whose fascination with my personal life remains unfulfilled after reading my public missives here are welcome to tune into my Live Journal. You people are sick, but since I thrive on attention, I might as well give you what you want.