Tub Of Happiness Sketch Edition #0001

We got our advance copies of Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness on Thursday, and one of them is up for grabs. This will be the very first of the numbered sketch editions, #0001/1234, and the winner of the auction gets to pick the character that goes in the back. The winner will also be handling the book a month before pretty much everybody else. The Tub of Happiness Auction Oh, hey... as long as you're noodling around on eBay, there are four more auctions up right now. These are the "Sandra wants a Christmas-shopping budget" auctions. Money is a little tight right now. (Somebody waited too long before getting his next book out, or so I'm told.) So... for your bidding pleasure, the Tayler Corporation (plotting to take over the world since 1998) proudly presents "Thooom!", "Schlock and his Plasgun," "Tagon," and "Schlock Shoots an Attorney Drone." That last auction in the list, the one with the attorney drone in it? Yeah, that's also the last picture you'll find in Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness (unless you get a sketch on the page after it.) You can still pre-order copies of that book (though not with sketches), and the price is still a discounted $20 +s&h. In about three or four weeks, when the books have arrived and we're beginning the process of getting them shipped out, the price will go up to $25.00