Up To My Armpits In Alligators

Snapjaw from Privateer Press, painted by Howard TaylerIn order to leave you with uninterrupted Schlock while I do back-to-back conventions, I've needed to work a little further ahead than usual. Tayler Corporation Headquarters has been a busy, busy place for a while now.

But that doesn't mean I can't take an evening off and paint an alligator. Anybody who says that pink and green don't go well together hasn't been using the right shades of pink and green.

Click the image for the full set of photos over on Flickr. Or have a look at the slideshow!

My paintjob isn't as detailed as the studio's, but my color choice kicks theirs right in their boring, olive-drab pants. And in truth, I can't take all the credit. Drew Olds, my painting mentor and the Artisan-In-Chief over at Garden Ninja Painting Studios peered over my shoulder and suggested the pink wash that led to the belly colors I ended up using. Yes, he made the miniature much more difficult to paint by pointing out things I could do that were harder than what I wanted to do. Thanks, Drew.