Update: June 6th...

Just a quick note for all you Star Wars fans out there... you realize that there is a naming convention implicit in Lord Sidious and Lord Vader's names, right? Take a word that typically begins with the prefix "in" (invader, insidious) and strip off the prefix. Voila! Instant Sith-hood. ("Instant" minus "in" plus "Darth" equals "Darth Stant")

The comedy here should be immediately obvious. I've listed some of my favorites:

Darth Ept
Darth Competent
Darth Valid
Darth Bred
Darth Grown
Darth Tractable
Darth Corrigible
Darth Flammable
Darth Sider Trading
Darth Continent
I wish I were allowed to stretch the rules enough to use "Darth Potent" and "Darth Becile," but I'm not. If you've got a dead-tree dictionary lying around (I don't) I'm sure you can come up with a dozen more. Knock yourself out.

Update: June 6th... I guess I didn't make myself clear. The pattern is implicit in Vader's and Sidious' names, but not in Lord Maul's nor Lord Tyrannus'. Technically, that means it's not much of a pattern. Still, all of the SUCCESSFUL Sith Lords (ones who get more than one or two movies' worth of exposure) adhere to the pattern. Besides, since many folks are out there saying that something or another could have made Episode II better, I'll weigh in and say that Lords Maul and Tyrannus would have been better named "Darth Fucate" and "Darth Iquity," respectively.

If renaming supporting Sith doesn't keep you busy enough, here's a link to a list of words beginning with "i."