Vegas Schlocker Meet-up, Saturday the 26th

I'm attending (and presenting) at a cartooning seminar in Vegas next weekend, and our hosts have arranged for some fan-time. I'll be at The Tuscany on Saturday, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, along with several other cartoonists of note, including Daryl Cagle, Chad Carpenter, and Bill Kellogg. The seminar itself is full. I'm excited to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with my peers in the print cartooning world (the seminar is geared towards self-syndication, which means getting into papers without big corporate help) and maybe a little worried about being a voice in the wilderness. I'm not especially interested in syndication, self- or otherwise, but I'm SUPER interested in making a living as a cartoonist. I'm sure there will be lots and lots of delightful discussions, and yes, I will actually spend some time listening. It's a good skill I picked up from my kids. But the seminar isn't what you Vegas-area Schlock fans are interested in. You're just there to come and say "hello" and maybe get me to sketch in a book. I'll post again next week as a reminder, and I'll probably tweet about it too.