Video Interview TONIGHT at 6:30pm MDT!

A little over three years ago my friend Richard Bliss saved my life, or at the very least saved Schlock Mercenary. He provided me with some contract cartooning for a deep-pocketed corporate client, and that was when "GWAVAMan" was born. gwavaman-001blog475.jpg For GWAVA, Inc. this black-and-green muscleman stood for their flagship product, the GroupWise Anti-Virus Agent. For me he represented the finest in mercenary traditions -- getting paid, and living to spend it. Today, three years after the final issues of GWAVAMan aired, there is a seven-foot-tall GWAVAMan mascot walking around at Novell Brainshare in Salt Lake City. Naturally, I have to be there. Richard is blogging the details over at, and I'm going up at around 5:00pm to shoot an interview and get my picture taken with my creation. I'm told the interview will air at 6:30pm Mountain Daylight Time on GWAVA TV. I've been looking high and low for my GWAVAMan t-shirt, but can't find it. This saddens me. What if, unauthenticated by attire, he false-postives me as spam and hucks me out of the convention? Hopefully if it goes down that way the cameras will be rolling.