Volunteers needed on Two Continents

Provo, Utah, USA: Our big shipping day will be on Monday July 12th 9am - 3 pm. We're looking for up to 25 volunteers who are willing to come to Dragon's Keep and help us put books into boxes. We'll also need one volunteer with either a van (with seats removed or folded down) or a truck to help us haul materials from our house to the Keep. This person will need to be willing to start at 8am. (We got a vehicle. Thanks.) As usual, we'll provide lunch and snacks. If you want to be part of the shipping crew, email me schlockmercenary at gmail.com.

Melbourne, Australia:
Update: We've gotten lots of volunteers. You Melbourne folks are awesome. Further communication with volunteers will be via email. Thanks!

Howard will be in Australia for Worldcon and a few days surrounding. The travel plans are not completely set yet, but Worldcon runs September 2-6. We're looking for 3-7 locals who would be willing to help with travel logistics and running a booth during the convention. There may be other things as well. If you're a Melbourne local and are interested in volunteering, please email and introduce yourself schlockmercenary at gmail.com.