Wall of Postcards, Batch One

Here's the first batch of postcards as seen taped to the wall in the front room of my house. Wall of Postcards, Batch One The postcards that came the furthest distance are probably the two from Japan down at the bottom. The postcard of the most distant landscape, however, would have to be the one of the icy surface of Europa in the upper-right. None of that is pertinent, however. What matters is the nice notes written on the back. (If this were an episode of CSI, you'd be enhancing the photo and getting reflections of the view out of my front window. Fortunately, I know you can't do that.) As a reminder, if you'd like to send me a postcard for my birthday (turning forty on Februrary 29th), the address is: Howard Tayler PO Box 385 Orem, UT 84059