Webcomics Shopping for Christmas

As many of you may know, most full-time webcartoonists depend on merchandise sales to pay the bills. I know I do, anyway. So, on the off chance that any of you still have money left, and are looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for loved one, let me direct you to some of my peers' webstores. At the very least you should peruse their wares and laugh at how clever they are. You MUST start here, with the POOP sign. These are too awesome to not own at least one of. You know, for the bathroom door. Or maybe the door to your boss's office. But there are so many unique items you can choose from when you shop with webcartoonists. You may need to remind others that " what happens in the library stays in the library." Or maybe you want to start building a deck of 8-bit Tarot cards. You might not need to if you are the kwisatz haderach, or if you are a space pirate. But it's possible that your wide range of skills includes only the impractical. Hopefully you've at least beaten Tetris. Given the impending festivities you might choose to wish people an " enchanted holiday season," but you could just want to say something in Spanish with bunnies. Maybe you fancy art prints that make a political statements. Or perhaps you're like me, and you'd prefer to sit back and read a book. Girls with Slingshots is nice. (Are nice? Girls are nice, and slingshots are nice, but I think once you put them together they IS nice. Or at least the books are. Is. Ummm...) Merry Linksmas, and happy new clickings!