We're back on our feet, folks!

As you may or may not have heard, on Saturday a transformer in the electrical room powering schlockmercenary.com (and 9,000 other web servers) exploded. It took out three walls, but (ironically) left the fourth wall intact. Obviously the transformer in question was a Decepticon. I'm blaming that annoying little "Soundwave" guy. He's a sneaky one. Okay, seriously... we've been running on shoestrings and hacking coughs for three days. I'd like to thank Troy Belding of Bookworm Computing for his tireless efforts over the weekend, pointing DNS at new places, and finding new places for it to point. I'd also like to thank David Brady, who, with no small amount of help from Troy, cobbled the original site back together once the electricity was back on. Finally, I'd like to thank all of you. Thanks for sticking with us through the mess. Yes, the comic did update on time (ahead of time, even) at alternate locations. My unbroken eight-year record of updates remains intact. As I said to one hopeful onlooker, "if you want to see that kind of history in the making, you'll have to do more than just blow up my datacenter." And as somebody else said, "an explosion and a fire are good reasons for Schlock Mercenary to go offline for a bit." Sage words, those. Sage words indeed.