What I'm Not Bringing To Penguicon

I always have a hard time packing for conventions. Penguicon 5.0 will be no different, and in some ways it will be harder, because I have found that I miss my trollbloods when I don't have them with me. Tumsy the Pyre Troll It sounds silly, I know, but I love having my paints and my miniatures handy, and I'm sure there are folks at the convention who would love to see these figs up close where the sub-optimal lighting from my photos is compensated for by the ability to rotate the model in front of a stereoscopic input system in real-time. Mirduk Stonegullet the Krielstone Bearer It's also a little sad to have a couple of thousand points or more of Warmachine and Hordes models sitting safely at home when I could be hauling them to battle in the game room. My mind, however, is made up. I'm bringing my cartooning gear for working the crowd, original strips for on-reserve sale (want one? email me!), and books for selling to Schlockers and others. Tumsy the Pyre Troll and Mirduk Stonegullet the Krielstone bearer will be staying at home with their friends. Besides... they fought well this weekend, and deserve a rest.