What To Do When You Can't Get Your Fix

Last night we had some issues with the main Schlock Mercenary server, and the index page wasn't being built correctly. In these sorts of circumstances it's good for you to know where to go to get the latest comic. 1) Howard Tayler's Twitter Feed -- Often the first thing I'll do when there's an issue is tweet about it. Last night I used Twitter to mirror the strip. 2) Howard Tayler's Facebook Page -- This captures my tweets, so if you're already on Facebook this is another good way to get the word. 3) The Schlocktroops LiveJournal Group 4) The Nightstar Schlock Forum 5) The Schlock Mercenary RSS Feed -- last night's site issues left the RSS feed undamaged, and images were served up just fine to 5,000 or more Schlockers who never knew there was a problem I'd tell you to bookmark this post for future reference, but if the site goes down, this page will vanish too. You'll just have to bookmark the individual links. Maybe you can create a folder called "Schlock Emergency" or something. We usually don't see much down-time, but when we do I like knowing that at least some of you will still be getting your fix. Maybe someday we''ll get proper redundancy with round-robin failovers for everything from DNS to WordPress, but that's a more robust solution than my budget currently allows for.