Why the site was down this morning

By Sandra Tayler There is a story of a couple who had their car towed to a mechanic because the engine had seized up. The mechanic asked the husband when he’d last put oil into the car. The husband said that his wife put oil into the car. The mechanic then went to the wife. She assured him that her husband put oil into the car. Thus the car died for lack of oil. This story is extremely pertinent today. Howard and I both assumed that renewing the schlockmercenary.com domain name was taken care of. The registrar company knew that it wasn’t, but all of their contact information was 7 years out-of-date, because the last time we renewed we paid for 7 years. Fortunately our domain registrar has a policy of holding on to accounts for 30 days past the end of registration. I made a phone call this morning and paid up to renew. I've updated all the contact information and I've marked in red on my calendar when I need to be thinking about renewal again. It won't happen again. Many thanks to the fan who posted a link to the hard IP address so that people could still find the comic. Even more thanks to the fans who emailed to make sure we knew something was wrong. And to the couple of fans who actually called on the phone to offer help, thank you very much. We didn't need the help this time, but it warms my heart to know that there are folks out there who care so much.