Why You Are Coming To Penguicon

I've been telling everybody who missed out on a sketch edition that all you need to do is "catch up with me at a convention" where I can sketch in books onesy-twosy. Unfortunately, the books won't be in my hands until May 10th or so, which means that Penguicon attendees can catch up with me at a convention and have no way for me to sketch in their copy of the Schlock book. So... Sandra and I discussed it, and we're going to cut Penguicon Attendees a deal. I will accept orders for sketch editions (which cost $10 more than the other pre-orders) from Penguicon attendees. You have to place the order with me at Penguicon, you have to be wearing a Penguicon badge, and the limit is one per customer. Most folks who "catch up with me at conventions" in coming months will NOT have to pay the extra $10. But their sketch editions will not be numbered. That's right, there will be a little number under the sketch, like #211/350, telling you and the world just how incredibly rare your book is -- but ONLY for the pre-ordered sketch editions. This may sound like a shameless attempt to make money, or maybe a shameless attempt to get people to come to Penguicon. Frankly, it's both. After all, there is no shame in honest work, and sketching in who knows how many books is going to be serious work for me. Even if I spend just 10 minutes with the pencil and ink, the 200 books I'm already committed to are going to take FORTY HOURS. Now... if you've already ordered a non-sketch edition, AND you're going to be at Penguicon, here's what you do: print out your reciept, and you can pay the extra $10 there at the show. I'll indicate that your order is to be upgraded, and your book will show up all nice and sketchy. Now then... I know that lots of you are going to scream about how unfair it is that Howard only travels around points A through F, and you live at point M. This is easy to rectify... get me invited to M-Con, where the M-Con organizers pay my travel and lodging, and I'll draw in whatever Schlock book you care to put in front of me. It might not happen this year, but it WILL happen. After all, I can't hope to take over the world without doing a little more travel. (By the way, as of this writing we've pre-sold 1,241 books. Thank you, everybody.)