Wikiwatch: Stirring The Pot

WikiWatch... image courtesy of Brad GuigarI got an email message from a "Wikinewsie" named Brian a few days ago in which he asked me if I would help with the current Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. I declined, and stated that my non-contribution was the only tool left for protesting the manner in which a few Wikipedia editors and administrators treated dozens of articles about webcomics and the webcomic community.

As it turns out, this particular pot was ready for stirring. Brian abandoned his "help raise money" cause, and is now out to raise awareness of this particular problem. He is calling upon other journalists to investigate, and he has asked me to round up webcartoonists who might be able to contribute to the discussion.

I'm unwilling to stop at webcartoonists. I believe that "notability purges" are being executed throughout Wikipedia by empire-building, wannabe tin-pot dictators masquerading as humble editors. They are the enemy. They are articulate, erudite, convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, and need to have their proverbial pictures plastered on the walls of the proverbial post-office.

If you know of a case in which notability guidelines and/or heavy-handed editorial tactics were used to speedily delete useful articles, please help out by providing that information. You can post it in comments below, or you can (I think?) directly edit this Wikinews page.

The Wikimedia Foundation is holding a fund-raiser. That means this would be a perfect time to contact them and tell them why they can't have your money.