Working on Book Zero

I'm so behind. I meant to have the next Schlock book, "The Tub of Happiness" finished something like six months ago. But I'm only now finishing the coloring on the Bonus Story, and I'm still working on assembling a proper cover for it. Here's one of the cover elements. Since you'll be seeing the full cover eventually (once I start plugging pre-orders) I don't think I'm spoiling anything. Schlock dives... This newest Schlock Mercenary volume will be about 240pp long, and will contain the first 507 days of the comic. It will begin, however, with 9 pages of bonus story, in which you will learn how Schlock spent his last 24 hours prior to enlisting with Tagon's Toughs. This is probably going to be a $25.00 book. I'm still finalizing bids with printers, however, so that may change. Anyway, now you know what I'm working on. And I really need to get back to work on it now.