World Horror 2012, This Weekend

The World Horror Convention is in Salt Lake City this year for the second time in recent memory. Apparently it was such a success the last time it was in town the convention committee suggested that the local con organization crowd put in another bid. 

"In town" in not the same as "must go" however. I'm not a horror writer, I don't read very much horror, and while my art is often horrific that's not necessarily a qualifier. 

But I'm going anyway. Why? Because the convention organizers asked me to moderate a panel. It's something I'm good at, it's something I enjoy, and the subject, "writing for comics" is one that I have a fair amount of very narrowly-focused experience with. Also, one of the panelists is Mike Mignola. So there's that.

The other reason I'm going? The organizers needed somebody to be Mr. Mignola's guest liason. So I'm going to spend the weekend attending to one of the great comics creators of our generation, and dialing my inner fanboy clear down to "2," potential aneurysm notwithstanding. 

Yes, I'll be there the whole time. No, I won't have a table, and no, my merchandise will not be there. But if you're in town for the World Horror Convention feel free to say hello.