World Record "Wings of War" Event Needs You

A couple of years ago my friend Richard Bliss invited me to set a world record with him and around fifty friends. We played the largest Wings of War game ever, and had a great time. Wings of War is a tabletop game that uses decks of custom cards and miniatures to simulate World War I aerial combat. It's great fun, easy to learn (that game was my first) and surprisingly true to the historical abilities of the aircraft represented.

Well, Richard is at it again, this Monday, January 24th at the Torrance Marriott Hotel. And I quote:

The event is an evening activity for a technology conference called GWAVACon that I host each year in the US and Germany. Each year I teach all my delegates how to play Wings of War and I provide all the planes and prizes. This year we are attempting to the take back the world record that we held until last year when Andrea hosted an event in Europe. Since he created the game, I guess it is okay for him to hold the record.

But now we are going to win it back, and in a big way.

We currently have about 110 people registered for the evening event. I'm looking for volunteers in the Los Angeles area who are familiar with the game that would be willing to help out.

Here are the benefits -

1. Free Banquet Dinner
2. Free Wings of War WWI Mini of their choice
3. Bragging rights - You get to be part of history

If there is anyone interested in helping out please contact me directly.

Richard Bliss


There you have it. I wish I could be there in Torrance with you guys, because this game is awesome. If you're interested in a copy of your own, your friendly, local game store can get it, you can order it directly from Fantasy Flight, or you can buy Wings of War at Amazon