WorldCon: Day One (for me)

Here I am at Worldcon. In my hotel room. Blogging. I suppose I could look around for a room party. I'm sure there's got to be one SOMEWHERE. Mostly, though, I think I'll sleep. So far today I've gotten everything done that needed to get done down here. All of it. I had my business meeting, I put some books in the right hands, made some key contacts, and finished the commissioned piece that's paying for this trip. It's all done. Tomorrow I suppose I'll go to some panels. There's a panel on "Science Fiction in Comics," and I'm willing to bet not one of the panelists knows who I am. If I'd planned far enough ahead I suppose I could have planted a book with one of them. At this stage the best I'll be able to do is plant a Schlocker in the audience, and that's a stretch, since I need to track down a Schlocker willing to serve as a plant. But it doesn't matter, because I got it all done. Everything after this is gravy, baby. I may actually get a vacation for a couple of days.