Worldcon update... yes, I'm going

Yes, I've decided to go to Worldcon. In order to pull this off I need to get a metric pantload of cartooning done in the next two weeks, including not only keeping up with the buffer, but scripting, pencilling, inking, and coloring some 20 or so Bonus Story strips for Schlock Mercenary: The Blackness Between. I've got housing and transportation. I'm not going to be a dealer. It's pretty much all set. I'm just going to be "at the convention." I may hang for a bit with Steve Jackson, since I've wrangled the Chaos Machine before, but really I have no set schedule at all. I'll be arriving Thursday afternoon, staying at the Hilton, and departing Sunday morning. A big shout goes out to my fan, friend, and fellow professional Eric James Stone. Support him in supporting me on this trip by reading something he wrote. I'm looking into the possibility of selling Tagon pins and copies of Under New Managementthrough a bookseller in the Dealer's Room. No word on that yet. I'm also willing to bring Schlock originals with me -- same deal as Comic-Con, you pick 'em and email me. The trick is finding a place to meet. If you're local and you've got ideas on the matter, let me know. The good news is that it's not necessary for me to cover all my costs on this show. Sandra and I expected to lose money on Comic-Con, and ended up making money instead. That means the budget has wiggle-room right now.