Wrapping Up The Holiday Sale

We can tell it's been a frantic shipping season when the process of "handling" adds significant inventory to the "Scratch-and-Dent" pile. These books are guaranteed readable, with no rips, tears, or missing pages -- just an occasional scuff, scratch, ding, or dent that renders them unfit for full-price customers. Head over to the Clearance section of the Schlock Mercenary Store. If you act fast, you can grab all six Schlock books for just $79, saving $36 off of the full retail price.

If the scratchy-denty route isn't for you, until January 7th you can still order the Boxed Set Bundle, and get all six books plus a slipcase for $100, saving $20.

Among the gently-dented merchandise is a large stack of XDM: Quest for the Tavern, an adventure module by Tracy and Curtis Hickman. We're marking them down to just $10, saving you 50% off of the cover price (as one account goes, two boxes were dropped down the stairs by a ham-handed cartoonist. Ooopsie.)

Finally, we have put up the last of the Series One ACEO cards. These are playing-card sized pieces of original marker art, each one unique. I only drew 250 of them. Once these are gone there will be no more ACEO cards until I have time to start drawing Series Two, and with as full as my plate still is, that might take years.