Wrath of the Titans

I took a couple of hours off Monday to see Wrath of the Titans. Post-convention exhaustion meant I wouldn't be getting much done regardless, and I had an emcee gig that evening so now you have my excuse to go to the movies.

I'm here to provide you an excuse to NOT go. If you follow me on Twitter you already heard the excuse: "There were a couple of amazing moments that almost justified the price of admission." That's not high praise, I know.

The moments were both effects -- the first was the beginning of a process in which a god is being drained of his power, and the second was a sense of scale as Perseus on Pegasus was dodging lava thrown by something really, really big. That second effect probably only works in 3D, though. Regardless, both moments were quite cool, and I'm glad I saw them. Were they worth $20* to me? No.

Neither of those scenes had shaky-cam in them, but several of the fight sequences did. Stay home, or sit in the back row. Seriously.

Wrath of the Titans was more fun than The Hunger Games (which is not supposed to be fun, which is unfortunate because I like enjoying myself at the movies) and does not appear to be a career-ender for anybody involved. Sam Worthington and Rosamund Pike can rest easy. I'm still happy to watch either of them on the big screen.  

(*Note: The $20 figure above was arrived at after careful calculation of the price of the movie ticket, the popcorn, the soda, and a valuation of my time at $2.00 per hour.)