Writing Excuses CD-ROM at PodDisc.com

Writing Excuses Season One CD-ROMYou asked for it, we delivered it. Season One of Writing Excuses is now available on CD-ROM at PodDisc.com.

Here's what you get:

- Nine hours of fifteen-minute-long episodes in DRM-free MP3 format
- Both bonus episodes
- Two unaired episodes, including our pilot, straight from the cutting-room floor
- An outtakes episode, assembled by our fun-loving producer Jordan
- Three Brandon Sanderson essays, including two unavailable anywhere else
- Mistborn desktop wallpaper
- Every Schlock Mercenary wallpaper ever (16 designs, 158 files)
- An entire Dan Wells novel, The Night of Blacker Darkness, also unavailable anywhere else

How much would you pay for a collection like this? $50? $100? Folks, it's yours for just $10 plus shipping and handling, in one easy installment of $10 (plus shipping and handling.) Any one of these features is worth the $10 all by itself (except the outtakes.) Operators are standing by.