Writing For Charity: proceeds will buy books for kids

This Saturday, April 27th, I'll be at the Writing For Charity event on UVU campus at the Sorenson Student Center. My appearance, thanks to the ongoing health issues, will be "wan and shaky," and kind of short. And maybe brief. I'm going to pill up and power up for a one-hour class on worldbuilding, and then, press of adoring fans permitting, sneak back home and crash. 

(That's actually the worst-case plan. If I'm feeling good, I'll stick around for the signing. I expect to be well enough to sign and sketch stuff right after my session.)

Obviously, then, A Day With Howard Tayler is not the reason you should spend $55 to attend this event. You should spend that money because dozens of other authors will be there providing fantastic information (the "what to ask an agent" panel is worth the price of admission all by itself, except that one runs opposite me so forget I said that) and especially because the proceeds from this event go to the Children's Literature Association of Utah. None of the authors at Writing For Charity are paid to be there -- our time is being donated in support of your contributions to support literacy in our little ones.

The prescription says I'll still be taking this horrible battery of antibiotics, but for charity I'll carve out the time, harden up, and deliver.