I Need To Write, You Need To Kick

Yesterday I did some task-list review, and then tweeted the following:

There are currently four different creative teams awaiting prose from me, so today I finished a week of comics and saw a movie. #sosorry

Here they are:

  • Major revision to 3,000-word untitled short for the Knight in the Silk Purse anthology (Tales of the Emerald Serpent, Volume 2) 
  • Start-to-finish, "Runewrought,"12,000-ish words of sequel to "Flight of the Runewright" for the Space Eldritch 2 anthology
  • Major revision to 35,000-word novella, Extraordinary Zoology, for Privateer Press
  • Start-to-finish, "Death's Door" (working title) for a possible Writing Excuses anthology.

I wish I could say that some of these are more pressing than others, because that would make it easier to prioritize. Unfortunately, they're all kind of due yesterday. Fortunately, only one of them has an action item for you, so I listed that one first. 

What's the action item? Back the A Knight in the Silk Purse on Kickstarter, of course. Feed working authors with actual money! I'm writing alongside a great team, and feel very privileged to have my prose sully pages that are bound to their own. Or, you know, if you go the electronic route my sullying will be sitting in the same file. 

You've only got eleven days left on this Kickstarter, so get on in there. I backed the first volume in this series never dreaming I'd be asked to write for the second. I'm thrilled to be a part of it, but I kind of already said that in the last paragraph. See what I mean about sullied prose? Hopefully I can get this revision done in time for Scott Taylor, our editor, to hammer those sorts of redundancies right out of it.

This week promises to be busy. Besides typing lots of words, I need to make some comics -- you know, that thing that is currently the big payer-of-bills around here. Speaking of which, we'll probably be opening pre-orders on Schlock Mercenary: The Body Politic on Monday, July 8th. You have two weeks to prepare...