Writing Superstars in Vegas

Last year at about this time I attended the Superstars Writing Seminar. My friend and fellow Writing Excuses podcaster, Brandon Sanderson, was among the hosts, and the event was in Salt Lake City.

If you go to conventions, you can usually find a panel or two that focuses on some aspect of the business of writing. It's hit-and-miss, though, because most conventions never get past the 101-level stuff. Superstars Writing Seminars is the brain child of Kevin J. Anderson, who realized that there were a zillion business things he'd learned as an author, but which are never actually taught. Not in school, not at conventions, not anywhere -- except maybe over drinks at the bar at World Fantasy, and that course is a tough one to schedule.

The hosts are holding a drawing for free membership to this year's seminar in Las Vegas. If you aspire to write professionally, this event is worth your time and money. If you can get in for just travel costs it should be a no-brainer. 

I went in to last year's Superstars event thinking that I'd hear a lot of stuff I'd already heard before. I came out realizing that I had not, in fact, heard it all before, and I had piles of things to learn. Even hanging out with authors the way I do, I don't get this kind of information. I desperately wanted to be able to attend this year, but my schedule just won't allow it.

There's more information on the site. In a nutshell, if you want to learn about the business of writing, especially considering how that business is changing, Superstars Writing Seminars is the very best resource I know of.