XDM Page Spread Leaked to The Internet

I'm checking out the new website over at xtremedungeonmastery.com (your official source for all things XDM) and what do I see? A page spread, right there where anybody can read it without buying it. It looked almost exactly like this. p24-25 spread from XDM: Xt-treme Dungeon Mastery, by Tracy & Curtis Hickman, illustrated by Howard Tayler And if you clicked on it, you got a version that was large enough to be completely readable. Except the footnotes. They were incompletely or "squintily" readable. Not to be outdone, I posted the same stuff in here. Go! Click! Read that page spread, and marvel at the wit and wisdom of the Grand Masters of XDM. But you'll not proceed past mere marvelling. In order to truly bask and absorb you must take the heroic journey yourself, returning with the elixir, the sacred prize... in short, you'll have to buy the whole book.