XDM Pre-orders Closed, Books Ship Thursday

XDM Pre-orders are closed. Tracy, Curtis, and I signed two pallets of books on Monday, and I think we've got a few left over. I'm going to be taking some of them to Dragon's Keep. That's right, on Wednesday (the day comics arrive) by 2:00pm you can get a Pre-order edition of XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery at Dragon's Keep in Provo. As an added bonus, I may be able to draw a picture in the back for you. In other news, watch this space for:
* My WorldCon Schedule! See me in Montreal! * My GenCon Indy Schedule! See me in Indianapolis! * Some auctions, maybe! Including one of only three upside-down-bound copies of XDM! Tracy got one, Curtis got one, I'm going to draw in mine and then sell it because I want to have an iPhone.
As you may have noticed I'm not going to be at Comic-Con this week. Go see my friends in the Webcomics Pavilion, including the Blank Label Comics crew in booth 1330, sandwiched between Penny Arcade and Keenspot.