XDM Pre-Orders Closing, Looky What I Made

The only reason I'm not closing pre-orders right now is because the stamp I just made for the "Triply-Autographed Pre-Order Edition" is cool enough to drive a few last-minute sales, so like any good mercenary I'm stretching out that last minute. XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery exclusive pre-order stamp Neat, huh? Don't worry, GenCon Indy Attendees! If you're planning to pick up XDM at the show, we'll be using a very similar stamp there. In fact, if you imagine the words "GenCon Indy" in place of the word "Pre-Order" you'll know exactly what you're getting. So... XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery pre-orders are still open. We can't leave them open past about 10:00am Monday (Mountain Daylight Time) because that's when Tracy, Curtis, and I start signing (and stamping!) books.