YAPSIDHTTP: Yet Another Post Saying I Don't Have Time To Post

This acronym - YAPSIDHTTP - will never become a "thing" because it cannot be pronounced. Then again, if you read it the way you read URL bars, the HTTP is silent...

At any rate, I need to grind out two weeks of comics by midday Wednesday, because I leave for Phoenix Comic-Con on Thursday.

I WILL BE AT PHOENIX COMIC-CON and you deserve a post telling you where my table is. This is not that post. This is YAPSIDHTTP.

Also, I owe you a review of Star Trek: Into Darkness, which is my new #1 for the year. If I can let go of the principles of good science fiction for the sake of enjoying Iron Man, I can certainly make the adjustments necessary to enjoy the ongoing reboot of the first science fiction show I ever knew.

I'm going to go make comics now. Maybe I will see you in Phoenix on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of this week!