Yologast Schedule for Some, Mugs & Caps for All

Yologast begins this Friday, and I have a schedule for those of you who will be there in Matthews, North Carolina to help me grandly open Your Local Game Store. And for the rest of you, I have new goodies in the Schlock Mercenary Store:

The Strohl Munitions Carabiner Cuppa is now available!

This lightweight, double-walled stainless steel mug features the new Strohl Munitions Company logo, and sports a handy carabiner for a handle. The double-walled construction means hot stuff stays hot without burning your hand, and cold stuff stays cold, provided you keep it in the cup. It's so much better than that old tin cup you take camping you'll be ashamed to have even made the comparison.

It's an 11-oz mug, which is about the same size as a household coffee cup, and the carabiner will let you clip it to just about anything.  Hand washing recommended, do not microwave, and do not use the carabiner in life-or-death hookups, like to connect your bungie cord to your jump belt. Yeah, definitely don't do that.

It's just $10 while supplies last (the quarter we've pictured is not included.)

We also have caps!

These lightweight military-style caps are black, with the Tagon's Toughs logo embroidered across the front in shiny orange thread. There's a Velcro closure on the back providing a really solid "one size fits most" scaling. If you can find hats that fit your head, this one should be just fine on you. 

They're $15.00 each while supplies last.

Regarding supplies: We have 400 mugs and just 100 caps, not including the ones I'm bringing with me to Yologast. We can make more, obviously, and if we sell out right away we certainly will, but with both of these items we got sweet end-of-year closeout deals from the manufacturer allowing us to keep your price reasonable. If we re-order, the price may go up.

Now, the Yologast schedule:


12:00-1:00: Meet-and-Greet. Stop in and say hello!

1:00-4:00: Watch Howard Work. I'm bringing some scripts with me, and I'll be drawing. You're also welcome to shop, play games, whatever.

4:00-6:00: Unscheduled time (I'm probably going to eat.)

6:00-8:00: Reading and Q&A. This is probably the thing you want to not miss. I'll be reading from Flight of the Runewright and from my piece for Privateer Press, the title of which has not been announced.

8:00-midnight: Open gaming. What do you want to play? We'll have lots of things out, including Capital Offensive, the Schlock Mercenary board game.


10:00am-12:00: I'm probably not in the building yet. Dunno.

12:00-2:00: Reading and Q&A. Same thing as Friday night, but if it's all the same crowd I'll definitely mix it up a bit.

2:00-6:00: Painting class! I love painting miniatures. If you want to learn how, stick around. I've got tips for speed-painting, and I've got some easy tricks that will help you steady your hand and guide your eyes.

6:00pm-midnight: Pathfinder RPG, exhibition-style. Howard will be a player at the table, and there may be open seats. 

The whole schedule is pretty flexible, other than the readings. I'm there to play and have fun. Join me!

When, you ask, is the signing? Pretty much the whole time! If I'm there, and you're there, and you have a book you'd like me to sign, I'll take care of it unless I'm in the middle of a reading or a crucial die roll. But I won't just sign things. I'll sketch in them as well. And yes, I'll be bringing some caps, mugs, and other goodies with me. Your Local Game Store will have plenty of Schlock Mercenary books and games in stock, and should they run out, they'll take your order, and I'll personalize your book and ship it to the store at no charge to you.