You Could Win A Prize

As I was driving to pick up some art supplies, I passed the Burger King on the intersection of State and Center in Orem. The sign upon which they usually advertise specials like "NOW HIRING MAINTENANCE," or "SWING MANAGERS WANTED" was even MORE tempting than usual: YOU COULD WIN A PRIZE I don't know about you, but if your food is so questionable that you're going to offer me a chance at a prize for eating it, you're in the wrong business. Take it to "Fear Factor" or maybe "Survivor: The Suburbs." Sadly, I'm very susceptible to advertising. The sign actually DID make me hungry. Fortunately, I had my heart set on going home and trying out a new skillet, so I escaped the clutches of King Burger (whose tender-yet-overcooked croissantish morsels are delectable) and had eggs at home. In related news, the word for the day is "Teflognarok." Use it in a sentence!