Your Book Is In The Mail

Again, the Schlock Shipping Volunteers amazed us. This is the largest number of books we've ever shipped, and it was also the largest volume of packages we've ever shipped, but that didn't stop the crew from getting them all shipped out in less than six hours. Credit must be shared, however, with  Sandra's new and brilliant assistant Janci, who handled at least as much of the pre-work as Sandra did (I don't know -- Sandra doesn't pay me to mind these sorts of matters) and who, on shipping day, helped manage the minions wrangle the volunteers alongside Sandra so there was less down-time between batches. We did run into two small problems in spite of the expert help. A number of empty slipcases went out sans fiddly-bit, and a stack of about 20 "artist's choice" books got sent out before I actually drew in them or numbered them. As always, we'll make this right at no charge to you. Just send us the invoice number (it's in the package you ordered if you no longer have the original email) and we'll take care of the rest.  If you got one of those unsketched books, congratulations! "Artist's choice" now means you get a second chance to pick your sketch. Our mistake is your big win. Enough blogging. I haven't done any actual work in this new office of mine since this time last week, and I'm itchin' to write and illustrate some comics. That, you see, is what Sandra pays me for.