Your Name in the News, and some Correlations

My brother Randy put together an amusing website a while back. It's a thing he does from time to time. This time, however, he took things a step further and released his first-ever Android app.  If you've got an Android device, go get my brother's free app and  amaze  amuse your friends.

For the record, this app was so good that Randy's employer (Adobe) gave him an Android tablet as a prize. The fact that he demonstrated the app by placing his boss's name in fake newspaper headlines is probably completely unrelated.

On the subject of completely unrelated things, I love Answer a question every day, and the next day the answers to those questions are compared to the database of previous answers, and we find out things like this:

In general, 62 percent of people are comfortable with speaking in public. But among those who do yoga, 78 percent are comfortable with public speaking. 

(Based on a survey of 93 people who do yoga and 511 people in general.)

Of course "in general" means  "among a self-selecting group of people who find entertaining enough to answer questions on the internet," so the information is of questionable utility. Still, it's fun. And it'll be MORE fun if more people participate.

On a semi-related subject, I'm comfortable with speaking in public, and two weeks ago I started attending yoga classes at the gym. So far I've found that yoga correlates strongly to feelings of relaxation, peace, and "holy crap I am clumsy."

On a completely related subject (Android apps, this site,) we have a progress report for the Schlock app on Android: we plan to open a beta in October, and might have version 0.98 shambling forth into the world in time for Halloween. Watch this space. 

(No, Randy's not the developer. Casey and Gary are the developers.)