Your Resolutions, I Must Have Them

New Year's resolutions are a great tradition. That spirit of change, that desire to improve, it's a wonderful thing. Sure, most of us fall short of the lofty goals we set for ourselves, and manage to fail in our resolve, but that's no excuse to stop yearning to be better.

So, what do you want to change? What do you want to accomplish? What goals do you have for 2014?

Here are a few of mine:

  • Eat right, and excercise often. I did this in early 2013, and then got distracted, and then got very sick. Time to get back on that wagon. I know how it's done.
  • Write a novel. Oh, hey... I have a contract for something exactly like this.
  • Write a total of 150,000 words of fiction. 
  • Rack up another year of uninterrupted daily Schlock Mercenary

Okay, that last one isn't a change, necessarily, but it's something I always have to resolve to do. Otherwise it doesn't get done. And maybe that's the key to all of these: don't make a resolution just once. Make it every day. And January 1st is a nice first day for this sort of habit.