Sunday October 26, 2003

Book 4: The Blackness Between
Part III: Trouble in the Outjack


Narrator:And now, the moment you've been waiting for... "What did you miss when you blinked?"
Elf:Sh'vuu is gone! I just lost sh'vuu!
Der Trihs:Get out of there, Elf! You're under attack!
Elf:He just disintegrated! no warning, no tell-tales, nothing!
Der Trihs:Get out of there now! That's an
Der Trihs:...order.
Kerchak:That didn't sound like a sonic boom, tango leader.
Der Trihs:We just lost two tanks. Better pack your crunchies and run, monkeyboy.
Kerchak:Feh. Running is for mercenaries.
Der Trihs:Well, yeah.
Kerchak:Look sharp marines! The point cans took fire!
Kerchak:Lieutenant, form your platoon up behind me. We're headed for yonder smoke.Everybody else return to base.
Der Trihs:Captain kerchak, aren't you walking right into the ambush Elf and Sh'vuu walked into?
Kerchak:Hey, if charlie's gonna dance the foxtrot, I'm not gonna stand around wearing a dress.