Saturday September 11, 2004
And thus ends Schlock Mercenary Book III: Out From Under New Management ...

If you were reading this in print, you'd be all up like "man, I gotta go out and buy the next one to see what happens," 'cause Schlock in print will totally be like crack, yo.

Here on the Internet, you'll just tune in tomorrow for the beginning of ...

Schlock Mercenary Book IV:
Mad Science Means Never Having To Say
"What's The Worst Thing That Could Happen?"

You might even tune in right at update time (around midnight, maybe midnight-thirty Eastern Time) clicking refresh over and over, waiting for the new strip to come up, 'cause Schlock on the web is totally like crack, yo.

Book 5: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance
Part V: Many Hands Make Light Work


Petey:I can provide you with repairs and equipment, Tagon, but it's not free.
Petey:There are things I can't do, jobs that require a 'personal touch,' chores that I'm going to have to hire out. I can pay in both cash and materiel.
Petey:It's honest work, Tagon. Occasionally violent, but that's pretty much what you're used to.
Petey:What do you say, Captain?
Tagon:You had me at "I can pay."