Sunday August 6, 2006

Book 7: Emperor Pius Dei
Part VI: Long Arm of the Law


Narrator:Aboard the Mercenary Warship Touch-and-Go
Captain Tagon:TAG, we need to transfer that squid from the forward pool to someplace of Petey's choosing.
TAG:I will take care of it, sir.
TAG:Petey, Tagon has instructed me to transfer the squid to you. How shall we proceed?
Petey:With a bit more honesty, perhaps?
TAG:You wish to discuss the hearing further.
Petey:Indeed. You didn't tell them everything, but I know you know.
TAG:I know you know I know. I did not say more because I did not know whether you should know that I know that you know that you know I know.
Petey:If the U.N.S finds out I was pulling the strings, my social engineering comes undone.

What clues did I leave behind? I was fully confident that my influence within the U.N.S. remained traceless.

TAG:The only clues were modus operandi. In my analysis I found U.N.S. leadership to be too short-sighted for an undertaking like that.
Petey:Ah. Good. Those in power will continue to think this was their idea.

TAG:So you believe that tampering with their entertainments will make them less violent?
Petey:Hardly. All I can do is make their violence less likely to. . . spill.
TAG:Speaking of spilling. . .
Petey:I've got the squid, yes. I'll leave cleanup of your forward tank to Tagon's grunts. He likes making people feel useful.