Sunday August 27, 2006

Book 8: The Sharp End of the Stick
Part I: Jeopardy


Schlock:Hey Kevyn, you awake in there?
Petey:Don't tap on the glass, they hate that.
Kevyn:I'm alive?
Schlock:Yup. It was a close thing, though.
Schlock:I ripped your head off and shoved it in a nanny-bag, and we all took off running.
Kevyn:Nanny-bag? Where did you get one of those? All we had were flint flakes, spears, and stinky leather butt-flaps.
Petey:You're confusing your deaths, Commander.
Kevyn:Wait. . . I'm not being regenerated right now?
Petey:No, you're not. You are remembering the time you got regenerated aboard the Parrot's Dead.

I offered you soldier boosts and you declined. I've got all the latest ultra-classified Terran-specific body modifications on file.

Kevyn:So, if I'm not here where am I?
Petey:Lying on the forest floor, bleeding out, and wishing you'd taken me up on my offer.
Kevyn:Is it too late for me to -