Sunday August 12, 2007

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part II: Royal Flush


Narrator:Sub-basement "C"
Elf:Sergeant, pop the lid. We need to have a look.
Elf:Hmmm. . .
Elf:It would be a lot easier to tell who this is if the head was included.
Yomingan Guard:The pile of ash is the remains of the King's head. Chemical analysis matches perfectly.
Schlock:It doesn't matter. I can tell it's him.
Schlock:The body smells right.
Elf:Are you kidding me? The body smells like burned meat and blood sausage. I'm pretty sure that isn't his cologne.
Schlock:Past that. Underneath that. Xinchub had his own smell, just like you have your own smell.
Schlock:I carried Xinchub to our brig a year ago. I know his smell.
Elf:The Doctor is still going to want a sample for analysis.
Schlock:Right. I'll get it. I need to have a taste, anyway.
Thom:Commander, I. . . I need to go change my helmet.