Wednesday December 5, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic
Part IV: We Kept the Party Hats


'Kweng:Our latest intel suggests that Ennesby is serving as Adjutant to Captain Kaff Tagon aboard the Touch-And-Go.
Admiral Emm:Oh good. No, wait. . . Excellent.
Admiral Emm:I was concerned that Xinchub's story had gotten out, but with Ennesby aboard the Touch-And-Go, everything is still contained.
'Kweng:Ah. Will it be falling to me to sweep this under the rug, Ma'am?
Admiral Emm:Word choice, 'Kweng. Replace "sweep" with "compress," "under" with "into," and give me "neutronium" in place of that ratty old "rug."
'Kweng:I shall ready the big broom, Admiral.