Sunday December 16, 2007

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part V: Collecting


Narrator:The U.N.S. embassy vessel Terra Firmator is a decommissioned battleship. The A.I. that used to be installed has retired.
Haban:Breya, why are you running?
Ambassador Breya:Just come with me.
Ambassador Breya:The Admiral is jamming us, and killing Tagon. Why? Because she wants to silence him, and can't let us hear him before she finishes.
Haban:Xinchub talked. . . Tagon and his crew have all those dirty secrets. . . What are you doing?
Narrator:There is an A.I. on board. However, he's the one in the handsome meat-suit.
Ambassador Breya:I'm grabbing this control stick, and hoping it's long enough. I need the leverage to move worlds with it.
Haban:Once more, with the metaph. . .
Ambassador Breya:Be a dear, jack in, and play the shields.

I want to establish contact with the Touch-And-Go.

Ambassador Breya:Hull contact.