Saturday December 22, 2007
Note: Obviously, Pi's comic book collection includes a very late edition of Shortpacked!, as any complete comic book collection should.

The student of modern comics will be interested to know that in 2426 Damyu-Willis GmbH (perpetual rights-holders to the Shortpacked! franchise) acquired the last of the mothballed DC Comics properties in the settlement of a positively byzantine copyright and trademark case, and they were finally able to merge some of their more esoteric comic and video-game properties.

Book 9: The Body Politic
Part V: Collecting


Kevyn:Pi, that is somebody else's ship, stuck in ours.
Pibald:A fine piece of piloting, says me.
Kevyn:Yeah? Well what do you say about our air leaking out?
Pibald:I'm Batman, and I can breathe in space.
Kevyn:Your trysts with sanity are brief, and leave you unchanged.
Pibald:I'm not ready to settle down, and she says she's allergic to my comic-book collection.