Tuesday May 6, 2008
Note: UNS call-signs begin with the registry type, and then the first character of each word in the vessel's name. Thus the Merchant Registry vessel Eatonrun has a call-sign beginning with MR (Merchant Registry) and E (Eatonrun.)

The rest of the characters in her call-sign, S0-7A57Y, are completely unfunny.

Book 10: The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse
Part I: Wet Feet


Ennesby:Somebody's got an overdeveloped sense of ironic propriety.
Ennesby:The supply vessel we're escorting is a U.N.S. Merchant Registry ship called Eatonrun.
Captain Tagon:Oh, yeah. "Eat and run." I get it.
Ennesby:And the first three characters of her call-sign are "MRE."