Monday March 2, 2009

Book 11: Massively Parallel
Prologue: Meanwhile, at the Galactic Core


Narrator:At the heart of the galactic core there is a black hole.
Narrator:Well, there used to be a black hole. Now there's a toroidal singularity with a really, really good spin on it.
Narrator:It is a zero-point-energy generator, and its output is many billions of times that of a really big star.
Narrator:(For sufficiently absurd values of "many." Seriously, there's a lot of energy there.)
Narrator:That energy is being entirely consumed by the Fleetmind, an agglomeration of artificial intelligences currently making war with the non-baryonic Pa'anuri in Andromeda.
Narrator:Thought they may pitch their tent in the word "omnipotent" and are mastering the science in the word "omniscience," the Fleetmind is still neither all-powerful nor all-knowing.
Narrator:But from the perspective of a human, a lesser A.I., or any creature with a brain made of meat, they're as close to all-powerful and all-knowing as makes no difference.
Petey:"Insufficient resources?" What happened to "God-mode?"
Narrator:Well, almost no difference.