Saturday June 9, 2007
Book 9: The Body Politic — Part I: King for a Day


Reverend Theo: Captain, the Doctor tells me you may have come down with a case of morality, this is good news.
Captain Tagon: Well. . . Petey wanted to hire us to rescue Xinchub. He offered me an awful lot of money, but I realized we'd all rather just kill the fat man, or maybe clone him, and kill him twice.
Captain Tagon: I can't believe I let Petey talk me into it at first. I'll see Xinchub rot on a pike before I accept money to help him.
Reverend Theo: So. . . You're motivated by hatred here.
Captain Tagon: Yeah, that sounds right.
Reverend Theo: False alarm, everybody. If anyone needs me, I'll be praying for our immortal souls in my cabin.